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Last updated July 2, 2002

Because we know some days are diamonds and some days are the PITS, we have added this site so every day can be a holiday! Plan to laugh or at least giggle a bit while you tour this site with our Fun and Fancy Free Crew!

So, if you're having a day that makes you feel like this guy, it is time to keep scrolling down! Maybe,.... just maybe there will be something that will help put a smile on your face!

Do you ever feel that no matter what you do or where you are, someone has eyes upon your every move?

I can feel it! Before this tour is done, you're gonna wipe away your troubles and your cares and have a little fun!

Now we introduce to you our newest members of the Crew! Percey & Penny Penguin! They certainly are having a good time! They are your guides! Oh-Oh!!! Maybe you should be THEIR chaperone !

First on the agenda is...... "Piiinnnnk Paaantheeeeeer!" He is here to say, "Hello! Join our group!!! Please come in and have some fun with me and the rest of this motley crew!

And here to play some tunes for you . . . . . . . .
"Heeeeerrrrrrreeeees....Doooooodle Buuuuumps!!!" Doodle Bumps is our star player! just listen to him pick!

No Holiday is complete without some kind of fun and dance! Take a look at this never tiring bunch! Oh, the energy they have!!!

And now we have the Good Ol' Fashioned Rock Hounders Band!

Well, are you perkin' up yet? Tail wagin'? Feet dancin'? Corner of your mouth turnin' up? Keep goin'! We're not done yet!

It's okay. I will let you take a dip in the pond, if you want!

Just be careful about staying in the water too long! You've heard of gettin'water logged!

Careful! There are critters a bit bigger than you down there! If they don't get you this time, they will catch you on the way back!

Ah-oh! Are you still with us! YES!!! There you are! You escaped those sea-faring mamals! Thank goodness!

Guess it is about time to let you hop aboard Zippy the train and return you home before we really get into trouble! Thanks for visiting us! And I did see a smile a few times! Now it is your turn to have a nice day and make every day a Holiday! See you later! Bye!

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