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We last up-dated this page on June 9, 2004.

Newest! Fun & Sun for Children.

Hop aboard our Traveling Train and come enjoy our Holiday Pages with us. We are just getting a start with this page so please bear with us. In fact as I am writing this, we only have the July 4th page done! We am working on more. Next up for me is "Halloween"!

Holidays are important for many reasons. They give us a better understanding of how our lives came to be what they are today. It only takes a short while to research things out to learn more about any particular Holiday. With the Internet, those pages are so readily available, we have no excuse not to fully understand each one. Helping to point out some neat ideas that make the holidays what they are is one of the reason's we are doing a Holiday site. The Button below was given for being the first with the most right answers to Tripod's Summertime Treasure Hunt. If you want to join Tripod to build your Web site, Click Here!

The days of Pods on Tripod have ended, but the fun of having been a part of one lives on. A pod was simply a group of Tripodians with similar pages and belonged to the "Club". Each member had the opportunity to display the following button to alert others he is a member.

I was a member of Tripod's "Holiday Pod". Check it out and see for yourself what a neat thing this was! Too bad it had to end!!!
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Take a 4th of July Tour with us! That's right, just hop aboard and follow us through our Independence Day Web pages. When you are done, hop the train again for an adventure into our other sites. Return here in a few weeks or before a major holiday to see if there is something new to discover!

Home Schooling Home Schooling is very popular these days. This site will answer questions and help you make your own decision as to whether Home Schooling should be an option for you. These are a must see! There are some VERY good sites here.

LDS Home School Home Education Members Web Pages. These are a must see! There are some VERY good sites here. Also join the LDS Home Education E-mail group from this page!

Spider Webs On Rocks! You have got to see this to believe it! Beautifully preserved spider webs so you can see the intricate manner these Wonders of the World are created!

Nostalgic, Holiday Pine Cones Perfect for gift giving, hanging on your tree, or around the home!

The Fotheringham Clan. Our Family History page with surnames: Fotheringham, Curtis, Gordon, Lee, Corl, Johnson, and more coming soon!

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